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Do you want to store, analyze and compare your data in our online platform then you can become a member of the MY IPOS community.

Within the community, we provide training schedules, improvement tips and we check your horse for injuries.
The community is currently only available by invitation.

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Riders with rein sensor get 12 months free access to the MY IPOS community . All your training data will be stored in your personal account. You access the data per horse, download or create training schedules.  We show you trends over the last week and the last month. Also you can compare yourself with other riders at your level of training.

Connect with others

Figuring out how to improve your performance can be a struggle. This is why we encourage you to share your data with your coach. Pay special attention to the comment section. After each training we ask you to mark down the most important things / events in a training. Perhaps it was windy or there was a horse on the run. All events that might explain a higher tension because of stress in the horse that you would forget otherwise.


In your MY IPOS space you can also plan ahead. If for example if you have a competition coming up your IPOS coach helps you to plan the perfect preparation for this. A mistake often mad is to training to much just before an important event. You risk your horse getting injured and not being able to compete at all. Make sure to take enough days of low intensity training in between the heavy ones.

Injury detection

Finally we will analyze your data on irregularities. Together with several veterinary clinics we have developed algorithms that can detect injuries in an early stage. Even before you can see this. Research has shown that taken a couple of days rest in an early stage can prevent heavy injuries. If not all small injuries turn into big ones eventually. Of course an algorithm can never replace a vet. We will always advice you to see your local vet if irregularities are detected.


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