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IPOS Training Application

The free IPOS app enables you to keep track of your training sessions. Even without the rein sensor it measure how long your ride, the time per gait, number of transitions etc.

If you do ride with rein sensors you or your coach can see your tension, symmetry, contact and rhythm real time.

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Create a profile

After downloading the app we ask you to make a profile for you and your horse. You can add multiple horses to keep track. We ask you to select a major discipline. This is the main discipline that you that you compete in or you train for. Select Recreational if you are not competing.
Also, we ask the highest level that you and your horse have competed in.
In the future we might ask you to answer additional questions. You are always allowed to decline any answer.


Quick Start

The App will remember you and your horse. Every time you open the app you simply select quickstart to start measuring your training.
Only after you finish you can put in more information on the type of training you did and how your horse was performing. Use the notes to put in specific things that you noticed this training.
These notes can prove to be very valuable in figuring out what influenced your training and results in hind side.


Visual Feedback

When training with rein sensor your coach can see your tension over the last 7 seconds. This is about the time it takes to ride one long sides of the arena in trot. The rein tension is visualized as two bars on the left and right side of the center line. The more pressure you apply the wider that bar gets.  In this example  you see a rider applying 2 kilogram extra pressure on the right rein to make the horse turn right.

On the bottom you can read the amount of contact in this case 500 gram. The bowl in the center indicates your symmetry, now pointing to the center as the pressure left and right is equal.

Your coach can now help you to apply the most optimal aids, become more symmetrical or make sure that you release on the right moment.


Training Intensity

Even without rein sensors it is good to keep track of your training efforts. Because every horse has a different level of fitness you cannot just use any standard schedule. This is why we personalize your schedule. We calculate the training intensity based on the horses own history.  If for example your training was much heavier than normal for this horse we advice you to take 3 days of rest/ low intensity training. If you had a low intensity training you are good to go the next day.

This way we help you to build muscles more effective. Without an objective system it is hard to estimate the intensity of your training. Because you might have been a bit tired so for you it feels intense but actually the training for the horse was not that hard.


All your training data will be stored in a personal online space we call My IPOS. You access the data per horse, download or create training schedules and compare yourself to others.


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