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IPOS Smartphone Waist Belt


You can use the IPOS Training Application even without Rein Sensors. By riding with your smartphone we keep track of your training and training intensity. The app recognizes the gait you are in, but for this to be accurate we require you to put your smartphone at waist level.

Using technology should not interfere with your performance this is way IPOS recommends putting your smartphone in the IPOS waist belt. Align it symmetrically on your back and you will not even know that it’s there. Meanwhile, your phone is gathering important information for you.

The IPOS Waist Belt is universal it should fit all smartphones. See specific dimensions below.


This universal waterproof sports waist bag can be used in daily exercise. The bag is multifunctional and waterproof. It protects your phone from water drops or rain. The elastically band is very comfortable and adjustable in size.
The pouch has a two-layer pocket and can take several small items such as phone, MP3, earphones, credit cards, cash, keys etc.
The waistband is made of high-quality durable material: Nylon, PVC.

Touch control operation: You can use your phone without removing it from the pouch

The waistband is made of special waterproof technology fabric.

Additional information


Black, Sky Blue


215 mm

Phone Pouch Dimensions

142 x 70 mm

Elastic Band

2 x 340 x 47 mm

Waist- size

50 -135cm


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