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Rein Sensors for Equestrian Sports

Technology to accelarate Equestrian Performance

Horse sports is all about ambition. Riders spend hours on training always looking for ways to improve. IPOS is the front runner worldwide in developing rein sensor solutions, giving riders the competitive advantage they seek.

Knowing that many sports have benefited from measuring performance, equestrians are the next in line to enter the era of sports technology as well. With an increasing public focus on animal welfare, IPOS not only aims to serve the interest of 16.9 million riders in helping them to become great, we also monitor the health of the horse as we detect injuries in an early stage, enabling riders to take optimal care of their horse.

IPOS introduces a small sensor that sits in between the bit and the rein, it registers how the rider communicates with the horse. It provides real time information on symmetry, intensity and lightness in each training session. IPOS has been developing rein sensors since 2012. Based on our experience we are able to translate raw data into useable information to riders using smart algorithms, launching our first commercial sensor this fall.

IPOS has been awarded a sport innovator award by the Dutch Ministry of Sports and succesfully participated in the High Tech XL accelerator program.