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IPOS Training Application

The application shows the measurement of how your horse reacts.
This helps you and your horse understand one each other when there are some conflicts.

The IPOS Training Application you can use either with or without the rein sensors. If you do not ride with rein sensors you can still keep track of your training sessions. We calculate your total training time, the time per gait, the number of transitions and the time your spend on turning left and right. So you do not need rein sensors to become the Next Generation Equestrian.

If you or your coach own the IPOS Rein Sensors we also provide real time information on contact, pressure, symmetry, rhythm and soundness. Your coach gets this info directly on his or her smartphone or tablet. If you are training without a coach present you might choose to get it through audio feedback through the IPOS EarPods.

In both cases all data will be stored at where only you can access and analyze your training. Perhaps you want to give your coach, your vet or potential buyers access to the data, but this is up to you. IPOS will never give your data to third parties. We will always protect your Privacy.

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Quick start

After setting up a  profile for you and your horse you can start measuring your training efforts. We ask you to select a major discipline. This is the main discipline that you that you compete in or you train for.

Also, we ask the highest level that you and your horse have competed in.

In the future we might ask you to answer additional questions. You are always allowed to decline any answer.

Training Schedule






Audio feedback

The moment you open the app, you will be guided step by step at what you will need to do. One of the first steps is filling in your own details and that of your horse. You even have the possibility to get audio feedback from the app itself.

This audio feedback transmits into your headphones through Bluetooth. Every measurement you see from the app helps you at what sort of reaction your horse gives at what movement you make him/her do.

IPOS Training Application

The screens below are examples, the final screens may look different.

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